Friday, February 29, 2008

From Shelter to Scepter

I have decided that if I ever write my own biography, I would title it "From Shelter to Scepter, A Rag to Riches Story of My Life, Brando Marlon Joffe" by Brando Marlon Joffe.

It was a rough start coming into this world. I don't remember much about my previous owners except that I have a weakness for children and babies crying. How I love them so. The rest is vague, and there must not have been much love lost between us for the cruelty of them leaving me in a stinky, cold, piss ridden shelter with claims that I was too expensive. The nerve of them! I AM NOT high maintenance. Sure my hair cuts are expensive (but hey, they don't just cut the hair on my head), but I will eat basically anything (as afore mentioned in my other blogs) and I sleep all day and I just need some affection now and then. Is that too much to ask for?

So yes, it was a miserable existence for those whole 3 days in the Anti-Cruelty Shelter in Chicago which included having my sexual reproductive organs removed (dear god is there no compassion!) and getting a case of kennel cough. What a dreary existence.

Then May 4, 2007 a couple came in and picked me out. Hard to believe because I was quite a mess after my 3 day, post-op, solitary confinement. See the picture? A mere shadow, puppy, of the dog I was to become.

Since then my life has really turned around. Now that I have been through the system, I know how to work it. I live a very cushy existence. I RULE the roost. Some might even compare me to royalty. I have a nice bed, can eat what I want, go for walks and get carried if I become tired, cry when I want something, sleep all day, plus I have some hot bitches for girlfriends (that will be my next blog). I have to say, not bad for a rags to riches story.

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