Thursday, August 9, 2007

My Life As A Dog

Greetings Homo Sapiens and Fellow Animals of the Planet,

I decided to start my own blog discussing, what other, than my life as a dog.

My person (owner...whatever! as if animals can't belong to themselves and god!) encouraged me to do this, since she's all artsy fartsy and stuff. Life as a dog isn't as trivial as it appears. I have to find all kinds of stuff to keep myself occupied while waiting for someone to acknowledge my existence with a good ball tossing or humor me enough to take me out to relieve my bowels. You must know how frustrating it is not to be able to "go" on your own freewill. Therefore you must forgive me when in retribution for trying to teach me a new trick I relieve myself on your white carpet.

This blog will serve as a diary documenting my life in captivity and my musings - by none other than, me, Sir Brando Marlon Joffe.

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